Infertility In Chinese Medicine View

Infertility is a worldwide problem. The rate has been dramatically increasing. Among all, female takes 40%, Male takes 30-40%, combined factors take 10-20%. WHO statistics show that morphology of sperm was 80% 30 years ago, but it is 2% now. 

In Chinese Medicine view, etiology and pathology of infertility are:
1,Kidney deficiency, in Western Medicine view, in women, there is no egg found or eggs can’t mature, in men, sperm quality is poor or quantity is low.
2,Liver stagnation, this is closely related to emotions. Often seen in women with PCOS, ovarian cysts and other illness. 
3,Stagnation of blood stasis, pain is common seen with other possible symptoms.
4,Internal blockage of phlegm-damp, obesity usually falls into this.

General speaking, all above affect blood quality and quantity. For example, imbalanced hormone level, low in iron or anemia. Treatment techniques are acupuncture, herbal formula, cupping, hot compression, diet(possibly include supplements), proper form and amount of exercise. Men are encouraged to come for treatment too, as this will double the possibility of successful pregnancy. It is possible to get pregnant spontaneously after a few treatments.

I have attended both seminars <Fertile life> held by Kirsten Wolfe(Australian) and <Full Fertility Course> held by Kirsten Karchmar(American). Both Kirsten are very successful pioneers in raising fertility rate substantially using acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I have attached links to their website below,

Kirsten Karchmar

Kirsten Wolfe

BBT Chart

BBT(Basal Body Temperature) Chart is essential in fertility treatment. Charting your basal body temperature (BBT) is to estimate when you'll ovulate so you'll know when to have sex if you want to conceive. It is possible that you’ll get pregnant if you know how to properly use the chart. You can download the APP to your mobile phone, take your temperature thenchart it every morning the first thing when you wake up. Another thing you need is a thermometer, the cheapest one from any pharmacy. To show enough and accurate information, you need to chart for 3 full months. After you get pregnant, you should keep charting, it will show if you have early sign of miscarriage, so you can get treatment ASAP.